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HetoGrow Capital is focused on investment banking, transactional services and asset value optimisation whilst developing relationships with Funds, VC, PE and other institutional clients. Keen on structured credits, mobile telecom & banking technology, capital restructuring, securitisation & structured asset repacks, acquisitions, agency and advisory services. More info at https://www.hetogrow.com/

This blog aims to answer customer FAQs and provide relevant information about power banks in line with HetoGrow's policy of education/public awareness campaign, as a tool against the unbridled proliferation of fake solar power banks all over the world.  Some of the common questions/topics covered so far include:
  1. What is a power bank?
  2. How to detect a fake solar power bank - functionality, quality and originality test 
  3. What does mAh mean? Also Amp, voltage and watts. 
  4. How long will a power bank last? How durable is a power bank?
  5. How long will a power bank take to charge my phone?
  6. Some basic power bank clues
  7. What capacity powerbank should I buy?
  8. How to Charge HG Solar Power Bank - charging with Electricity or Solar Panel
  9. How long will it take to charge a 10000mah power bank using electricity? 
  10. How long will the solar panel take to charge a 10000mah power bank? And so much more!

The introduction of HetoGrow Solar Power Bank Chargers was born out of a bad experience with a fake 30000 mAh solar power bank, which was bought on eBay in London, UK but never worked at all.  With a strong belief in solar energy and need for its awareness, this bad experience inspired a desire to challenge the spread of substandard power banks designed to deceive unsuspecting buyers.  

As we try to answer common questions from our customers, you'll learn about key concepts and issues of continuing importance. If you have a question we haven't answered, go ahead and ask. 

You can order our solar power banks in Nigeria from Ikeja, Lagos and from London, UK; where we currently ship from. Our online Shop url is https://www.hetogrowshop.com/shop 

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