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How can I know my power bank is charging while under sunlight?

Your user manual should tell you how your power bank works
Generally, a solar power bank should have led indicator light that come on and/or flash progressively as solar pv charging is triggered on exposure to sunlight. Note that the primary protocol is to recharge the internal batteries on exposure to sunlight. The embedded video is a functionality test demo only of 2 things:
1) how to connect your HG solar power bank 4000 mAh to your gadgets and charge simultaneously and,
2) how to know the solar panel is charging the power bank.
If you recharge and expose to sunlight at the same time, it is likely to be slower. But if you must, there’s no risk of malfunction.The only observed result is slow charging.

How to Charge HG Solar Power Bank

Another typical question is “How long will it take to charge a 10000mah power bank?”  This is like asking how long it will take to fill a gallon of water at the tap. It depends on the amount of water passing through the pipe (watt), how large the pipe/tap (amp) is and how fast the water is flowing (pressure), right? Similarly, for a power bank, it depends on some variables like
  • Charger being used: Electric chargers come in various shapes and sizes. Just plug your HG solar power bank as you would your phone.
  •  USB cable: Best to use 2.0 or 3.x if possible.  The higher the rating the faster the flow of current for High Speed/High Bandwidth or SuperSpeed transfer.
  •  Ampere or amp (A)
  •  Voltage (v). Standard for mobile gadgets is 5v. The higher the quicker it charges
Given that mAh is equivalent to 1000 Ah, using 5V and assuming 10000mAh with different powerbank charger output sources:
 1A charger:  10000mAh/1000Ah = 10hrs
 2A charger: 10000 mAh / 2000Ah = 5hrs
 3A charger: 10000mAh/3000Ah = 3.33hrs
It is therefore important that you know the output source you plug into on your powerbank.  Also be careful to ensure that you use the appropriate voltage.  Also note that the result you get depends on whether or not the phone being charged is switched on or off. Phones consume energy to remain on, hence will take longer to charge up. You will find relevant information in the product specification.

Charging Power Bank Using Solar Power

Many people also ask, "How long will the solar panel take to charge?". The same principles also apply given a 10000 mAh solar power bank. The time the solar panel takes to charge = 10000mAh/power generated. HetoGrow solar power banks can produce up to 4 watts of electricity in optimal conditions. It is important to consider the standard industry energy conversion loss of 10% to 25%, in addition to other factors that affect performance like weather conditions.  4 watts* (75% to 90%) /5 volts = 600Ah to 720Ah. Time taken to charge 10000 mAh solar power bank = 10000mAh/(600Ah to 720Ah) = 14 hours to 17 hours. 
In charging your power bank using the solar panel, it is pertinent to note the factors that can affect the performance of the solar panel such as brightness of the sun, direct exposure to the sun and angle of contact, size or surface area of the solar panels, temperature, battery size and frequency of usage. The implication is that it can take up to 2 days or more to charge up a 10000mAh solar power bank strictly using the solar panels. The larger the solar PV, the faster it can charge and the shorter the time taken.  It is ideal in emergency situations as backup power source in the absence of regular electricity supply. Most people think they just have to leave their solar power bank in the sun and that’s it. For best results, the user should:

  1. Find a safe and bright spot outside with strong direct sunlight
  2. Position your HG solar power bank in a way that ensures the solar panel is facing up directly toward the sun
  3. Ensure there is adequate ventilation to avoid overheating
  4. Monitor the LED light bulbs that indicate the level of power stored in the power bank
Hope this has been helpful. Share your experiences and thoughts with us. We’d like to hear from you.


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