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I have a million naira. What kind of business can I do in Nigeria to double it within a year?

Become a HetoGrow distributor - Distributor Application: HetoGrow Solar Technology
We are building a network of Smart Entrepreneurs of mostly startups and existing businesses that may want to venture into new business opportunities with us. So, let's talk business!

With your N1m you can start with about 10 - 13 cartons of solar power banks with warranty. You could make over N500 per product or over N15k on each carton you sell. You get good training and assistance on selling and positioning your business.

You’ll be supported to grow quickly by your dedicated Business Partner.  If you repeat your business transactions every month and reinvest, you’ll soon increase your one million naira quickly. Its all about your determination, sales & marketing technique, and business support from us. But its also a lot of hard work and dedication. We know you can do it because others have done it. The market is there, the demand is there; and the product is good.
At HetoGrow we are keen to help entrepreneurs grow. You can also join our Affiliate Programme and make residual income on the side through internet marketing.

Avenues for Sales and Marketing

  • Traditional marketing and selling locally via shops
  • Online sales and Affiliate programme
  • Sell at Uni campuses
  • Sell at NYSC camps
  • Acquire a bulk LPO. A distributor got a bulk order for 2.5k products and when the deal was done, he made good money instantly. A good strategy is chasing corporate orders and supplies.
  • Network Marketing - professional bodies like ICAN, CIBN, NIM, etc organise yearly conferences. There are also business clubs, associations networking events, trade/business fairs, exhibitions, comedy shows, religious bodies - some churches organise career building and financial empowerment programmes for their members, etc. There are so many opportunities out there. 

The market is huge and the product is excellent. Robustly tested and needed in Nigeria for mobile gadgets and internet access mobile modems.
There is a great need in Nigeria for excellent top quality power banks. According to the Nigerian Communication Commission, there were well over over 154 million active phone lines in Nigeria in 2016. Most people tend to have 2 active mobile lines on average. This gives a basic estimate of the market size of circa 77 million people. Most of them need a power bank.
HetoGrow is making great efforts to educate people on how to avoid  buying fake power banks. See Solar Power Bank Quality Assurance: Power Bank phone Chargers. Also read answers to related customer frequently asked questions, available from our archive of old blogs here, such as How do I spot a fake power bank


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