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How to dispose old power bank or battery

The need for renewable energy is ever increasing and there has been a proliferation of assorted products in off-grid solar markets for power back up and lighting solutions. These products are made from rechargeable batteries. Whilst we all get excited about what we can use them for, we must also consider what to do with them, in the end. This is very important because batteries contain hazardous materials like acid and heavy metals that can present serious environmental risks. This is why they must be properly discarded.
It is important we all take care to protect the planet. Casual disposal of batteries and other hazardous chemicals can be dangerous to the land and the air we all breathe. 

Disposing of Batteries Properly

How to dispose old batteries

Caution! Note that even dead batteries can cause fire when the positive (+) and negative (-) ends come into contact. This can happen when battery cells are casually dumped in a drawer or container, especially with other free flowing metals that can conduct electricity and ignite. Ensure you keep old batteries safely - perhaps stand them upright, all facing one direction or tape the + and - ends of batteries. Ensure they are tightly packed to avoid sudden movement that can scatter them, then consider appropriate means of disposal as indicated below. 

  1. Find out what your local laws say about disposing batteries. In some places there are different classifications for various batteries that indicate how best to dispose them.
  2. Take to a recycling place or hazardous waste collection centre depending on your local laws.
  3. Lithium batteries are used in many gadgets and are considered non hazardous in some places. It might be safer to take them to a recycling centre
  4. At home, put your recyclable batteries in a designated container ensuring positive and negative ends don't touch; to avoid risk of fire. 
  5. In some places, supermarkets also provide safe recycling bins for old batteries.
  6. You can also pop into your local fire station for advice and assistance.
If you think anything is missing or have some questions/comments, please get in touch. 
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