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Should you replace phone battery after two years?

You should replace it if you need to. What you need to know is that
  1. batteries tend to have optimal life cycle of 500 times and will degrade over time as a result of normal usage.
  2. they’ll become weaker and weaker; requiring more frequent recharges and die eventually
  3. optimal battery life is about one and half years i.e 500 times/360 days
  4. the battery will continue to work well after this time but you will notice that it will start to drain a lot quicker.
You may not need to replace after 2 years if its still working. For more info about battery life cycles see previous post on the topic

5 Signs That Indicate You Need a New Battery

It is important to note that your battery can drain quickly in the course of normal usage. That doesn’t mean you need to replace it. Some of the culprits include phone settings, games, internet, poor network signal, etc. See earlier blog on this very common issue. If this is your circumstance, you are probably better off buying a top quality high capacity power bank suitable for your needs. 
But don’t be deceived by the appearance and price of some power banks. They could be fakes that can damage your phone. Have a look at how to spot a fake power bank.
If you notice that you don’t get much juice from your phone after charging it for a long time, that could indicate that you need to replace it. As noted above, batteries eventually lose their charge quickly after some time, when it becomes both frustrating and dangerous to keep using them in your phone or other gadget. Some of the ways you can tell you need a new battery include:
1) Phone dies quickly too frequently - especially after charging and it shows full battery and have been relatively idle.  
2) Phone feels unusually warm or hot. Note that if left close to source of heat or in a warm place your phone will feel warmer than usual. However, if in the course of normal usage in normal temperature, phone gets hot, and its not due to background apps, it could mean you need to change the battery. Phone batteries normally generate heat as they charge but internal mechanisms control the heat so you don’t feel it. If it frequently gets hot or too warm to the touch, it could mean you need a replacement.  

3) If phone only powers on when being charged, you most probably need a new battery.
4) If you notice a bulge and the battery feels different, it could explode or leak and damage your phone. Best to replace the battery.
5) If you dropped your phone or caused other damage and have done all you can to get it to work as normal as you are used to, and if you plug it into a power source and it works okay, it's likely the impact of the drop damaged your battery. So you might be better of getting a new one.

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