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My Samsung Note 4 is draining battery. What's the solution?

Most smartphones and tablets tend to have this problem. Many times the cause is the setting you have on your phone. We all love the remarkable and wonderful things we can do with the apps in our phones that make them magical. Well... these fantastical functionalities require a lot of energy. This is a major reason power banks have quickly become a must-have accessory.
Key things to look out:
  1. apps running in the background
  2. data and wifi settings
  3. age of your phone and battery may be an issue. Old batteries drain fast
  4. ensue you remove apps you don’t need. And avoid using the internet in a low signal area. The internet gulps a lot of your juice. So, best to turn it off you not needed.
  5. how often and at what level you recharge your phone affects the battery
  6. some android smartphones like Samsung Note 4 tend to have connection issues if the SD card has corrupt sectors. Smartphones are programmed to automatically connect to a network and will continuously try to do just that. This inevitably drains the battery. Useful tips include removing the SD card and reinserting it. If the issue continues, back up your data and try factory reset and observe the behaviour before you reinstall apps. This will help you determine if the problem is caused by bad battery or if App related.
You need to consider what you can do to make the battery in your phone last longer. There are some great practical step-by-step tips in this blog - Phone battery runs down quickly: do I need a power bank?

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